BioLogic Unveils AMPS Adapters for iPhone & Android Cases

Adapters allow BioLogic cases to mount to industry-standard brackets for use on motorcycles and other vehicles

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — September 18, 2012 — BioLogic, a specialist in urban cycling gear, today launched its line of AMPS adapters for BioLogic iPhone and Android cases. The adapters allow the cases to be attached to a wide-range of AMPS-compatible mounting brackets.

“AMPS is the industry-standard for mounting electronic devices to vehicles,” stated Kevin Chan, BioLogic project manager. “There are customized AMPS brackets for just about every motorcycle and scooter made. With the new BioLogic AMPS adapters, every BioLogic iPhone or Android case becomes compatible with all the AMPS brackets.”

There are two versions of the AMPS mount adapter — the AMPS Mount Adapter for Bike Mount and the AMPS Mount Adapter for ReeCharge Case. The Bike Mount version works with the BioLogic Bike Mount for iPhone / Android cases. The ReeCharge Case version works with the BioLogic ReeCharge Case and can also be used with the BioLogic ReeCharge Dynamo Kit to charge the ReeCharge Case directly through a charge port in the base of the adapter.

The AMPS Mount Adapter for Bike Mount has a MSRP of US$12 (€12) while the AMPS Mount Adapter for ReeCharge Case has a MSRP of US$20 (€20). Both products will be shipping by the end of this year.

BioLogic will be displaying the AMPS mount adapters and other products at Interbike in booth #18065 and at Demo Day at booth #D2009.