BioLogic Debuts Seatpost with Integrated Pump

Radically new design wins red dot award

Monday, August 13, 2012

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — August 13, 2012 — BioLogic, a specialist in urban cycling gear, today announced its PostPump 2.0 seatpost, a bicycle seatpost with a high-capacity floor pump integrated inside the post. PostPump 2.0 dramatically improves ease of use and performance compared to the original, winning a 2012 red dot product design award.

“The PostPump has three important advantages compared to standard hand pumps,” stated Philip Robinson, inventor of the PostPump concept. “First, it has a much higher stroke capacity so it takes a lot fewer pumps to get your tire inflated. Anyone who’s arm has cramped and has had to take a break while pumping a tire can appreciate this. Second it works exactly like a floor pump; you stand and push down to pump — no more kneeling in gravel while you pump. And finally, because the pump is hidden inside your seatpost, it’s always ready when you need it.”

The ergonomic design has a flip-out foot stand and makes use of the saddle as a handle so the user can comfortably stand while pumping. The patented 2.0 design is thoroughly reworked with precision-machined aluminum fittings to increase maximum pressure and stroke volume. In addition, a flip-to-fit adapter makes switching between Presta and Schrader valves extremely convenient.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized by red dot for all the hard work we put into redesigning the product,” stated BioLogic product manager Kevin Chan. “Our goal is to make cycling easier and more convenient and having this pump stashed at all times on your bike is a nice step in that direction.”

The PostPump 2.0 seatpost is found as standard equipment on several models made by urban transport specialist, Tern, and is now shipping as an aftermarket accessory to select bicycle retailers. The PostPump 2.0 seatpost is available in a 33.9 mm size and has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of US$50 or €50.

BioLogic has an exclusive license to market and distribute the PostPump 2.0 seatpost worldwide.

Product Highlights:

  • Integrated flip-to-fit Presta/Schrader valve adapter
  • Only 40 strokes to reach 50 psi in a 20″ × 1.5″ tire
  • Stainless steel foot stand
  • Dimensions: 33.9 × 580 mm
  • Weight: 718 g (25.3 oz)