BioLogic and CLIF® Bar Partner to Encourage More Trips by Bike

Top-rated BikeBrain iPhone app integrates with CLIF® Bar 2 Mile Challenge™ to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Monday, March 5, 2012

AUSTIN, TEXAS – March 05, 2012 – BioLogic®, a specialist in urban cycling gear, has teamed up with CLIF® Bar, the original energy bar made with organic ingredients, for the latest update to BikeBrain™, a highly-rated cycling app that now allows users to log miles directly to the 2 Mile Challenge™ website,

The CLIF Bar 2 Mile Challenge (2MC) encourages people to ride bicycles for quick trips that are all-too-often taken by car. CLIF Bar estimates that 40 percent of all urban trips are two miles or less, and 90 percent of those trips are by car. By replacing these short car trips with bike travel, riders dramatically reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the environment, thereby helping to fight climate change.

“BioLogic’s BikeBrain iPhone app is extremely user-friendly and will enhance 2 Mile Challenge participants’ experience as they ride and record trip data,” Ryan Mayo, environmental activism manager at Clif Bar & Company. “Direct download of a rider’s data to the 2 Mile Challenge website makes it more convenient and enticing for participants to join the ride. BioLogic is a great partner – they listened to our ideas, appreciate the importance of the Challenge and provided us with a tool that will benefit the bike community and in turn, the environment.”

“We bargained really hard – we squeezed them for a lot of energy bars,” joked Stewart Clarke, BikeBrain product manager. “But in all seriousness, we’ve long admired CLIF Bar for their practice of balancing business with environmental and social responsibility. We consider them a benchmark for how businesses should be run and of course the 2 Mile Challenge is a really worthy program so we were really happy to help out. Replacing needless car trips with short bicycle hops is good for everyone, especially when the energy comes from a Cool Mint Chocolate bar instead of fossil fuels.”

BikeBrain is available as a free download from the App Store and uses the iPhone’s built-in GPS to track position and calculate speed, distance, and more. The latest update gives users a one-button download of trip data directly to the CLIF Bar 2MC site, registering their contribution to the Challenge after every trip.

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