ReeCharge™ Power Pack

The BioLogic ReeCharge Power Pack offers green power to go! It’s a personal power system that can charge most any USB-chargeable device, including smartphones, cameras or GPS units through the included micro-USB cable. Inside is a lithium polymer battery that can be charge via USB from a computer and, most importantly, any bicycle with a hub dynamo.

Attached to a bicycle hub dynamo, the BioLogic ReeCharge Power Pack captures and stores the green energy created by the generator in the hub. Now you can use your phone’s GPS while you cycle and never worry about drained batteries again. The splash-proof silicone case and specially sealed connectors keep the ReeCharge Power Pack working even if you get caught in a storm.

When you finish charging the ReeCharge Power Pack, just detach it from your bike, throw it in your bag, and you have reserve power on tap for all of your electronic devices. It’s perfect for long bike tours when you need to keep your gadgets charged. And it’s also perfect for business trips — you can leave all your other gadget chargers at home.

  • 1600 mAh lithium-polymer battery
  • Chargeable by USB ports and standard bicycle hub dynamos
  • Weatherproof silicone seals on connector ports
  • Charges most handheld electronic devices, including smartphones and GPS units
  • Charge indicator lights dub as safety lights
  • Power regulator smooths input current from hub dynamo for safe charging