Pollution Mask

  • Dual inhale and exhale ports for easy breathing
  • Replaceable activated carbon filters filter out noxious exhaust fumes
  • Easy to adjust head strap ensures a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made from tough and durable industrial rubber and plastic for long term use and easy cleaning
Pollution Mask

Breathing in nasty exhaust fumes while riding is bad for your lungs and just plain unpleasant, so that is why we developed the BioLogic Pollution Mask -– heavy-duty pollution protection for the serious urban commuter. Two replaceable activated carbon filters scrub out noxious exhaust fumes while dual inhale ports ensure adequate airflow even when going out on a full sprint.

The Pollution Mask is made from tough, industrial rubber and plastic for long-term durability and is easy to clean and maintain. Two activated carbon filters included.

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