Joule II™ Dynamo Hub 20" Wheel Set

  • Generate your own electricity when riding – no need for batteries
  • Compact and light-weight
  • 20” Kinetix Comp wheel set
  • Compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge
  • Available in silver or black
Joule II™ Dynamo Hub 20" Wheel Set

There’s nothing we like better than clean energy. The Joule II dynamo hub 20” wheel set has a built-in generator that produces electricity when the hub rotates while riding. Designed to fit 74 mm forks, this wheel set features one of the smallest, lightest dynamo hubs on the market. Rated at 6V/2.4W at 15 km/hr (9.3 mph) under 15 ohm load.

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FAQs about the Joule II Dynamo Hub 20” Wheel Set can be found here.